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New Product designer HTML5, JS. Sketches and functionality

October 10th, 2013


Hello friends!

Some time ago we have announced our decision to develop a new Product designer application based on contemporary technologies such as JavaScript and HTML5.

The project was planned to run through several stages:

1. "How many people are interested" research.

2. Sketches and the functionality description presentation.

3. Donations collection.

4. Product development.

5. Testing.

6. Release and the granting of PD license to all donators.

The first stage of this project is over! The number of interested people in this project is enough to start and process the development. Considering the number of interested, we set the donations amount at $400.

But, first, let us introduce the promised sketches and the functionality description.



Please, follow this link to see the sketches click here.

(Choose the color, size and material and click the "Customize" button.)

Please notice! It is the sketches only which show the position of elements and available functionality for customers, it is not the exact final design.




  • HTML5, JavaScript based
  • Compatible with desktop browsers as well as with mobile devices (iPads, iPhones, Android smartphones)
  • Free integration with Magento and CS-Cart
  • Integration with other popular e-commerce platforms for extra charge
  • Suits for t-shirts, mugs, caps, bags, cards, etc.
  • Raster output (.png), Vector output (.svg)

Customer features:

  • Add text
    • scale, rotate, move, delete text
    • font change
    • bold – italic – underline
    • text alignment
    • letter spacing
    • text direction (left-to-right, right-to-left, top-to-bottom, bottom-to-top)
    • text color change
    • set stroke
  • Add clipart
    • scale, rotate, move, delete clipart
    • color change
  • Upload images
    • choose images from PC or drag and drop in a box
    • scale, rotate, move, delete image
    • ability to add rounded corners
    • add image filter - Sepia, Black and White
  • Zoom the personalized product
  • Quick preview of the design
  • Clear the design
  • Save design in your account and ability to retrieve it for further editing or reorder
  • Ability to share the design via Facebook and Twitter
  • Ability for customers to manipulate with layers

Administrator features:

  • separate admin panel 
  • ability to add options, option variants with/without price modifiers and option combinations for a product
  • create color palettes, text and clipart categories and ability to add cliparts, fonts, colors into them
  • set some specific product side images (front, back, etc.)
  • specify the drawing area (canvas);
  • set more than one canvas per a product side;
  • set an additional cost per a design item (per image, clipart, text item);
  • set the customization fee (printing fee)
  • set the initial design for a product;
  • set the fixed positions for design elements (to design business cards, greeting cards, etc.)
  • ability to change the color theme of the Product designer (undecided yet)

We will be very glad to get any feedback from you about the sketches and the functionality. If you need some extra features that you think are vital for this kind of business, please let us know it, we will try to include them in the final description or implement in the next version of the Product designer.

The discussions are welcome in the comments to this blog post, at cs-cart forums, at pd@alt-team.com.

Thank you!

Please, read the information about donations here.




"Hello Simon!
The ability to arc text is planned to be added in the next Product designer version."


"If it had the ability to curve text in an arc I would buy"


"I'll definitely buy this, can't wait!"


"great job. I waiting for buy"

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