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Date added: 29/06/2020 Advanced Product Reviews - new CS-Cart add-on

Dear Friends,


We are glad to inform you about our new CS-Cart add-on "Advanced Product Reviews".

Advanced Product Reviews CS-Cart

The add-on Advanced Product Reviews makes many improvements into standard Comments and Reviews functionality.

This add-on makes a brief summary of all reviews on the top of the tab Reviews. It adds percents of how many reviewers recommend this product. The add-on shows the table with attributes: quality, service and other paramenters the admin use and the rating of customers. Also the special chart has been added into the top of the tab Review. 

Writting about the reviews elements, we should inform you that the customer's comments are more structured now. They are divided into some parts: The date of purchasing or the period of product usage, pres and cons, and the review field. 

The store administrator is able to reply to the each review. His answer is visually marked and placed right under the customer's feedback. 


Price of the module "Advanced Product Reviews" - USD 59


It's compatible with CS-Cart, Ultimate, MultiVendor.


More information about the module. 


Best regards,



Date added: 18/06/2020 New add-on: Free Product as Promotion

Dear CS-Cart Users, 

Please pay attenion to Alt-team's new add-on "Free Product as Promotion".

Buy X product, get Y product CS-Cart add-on

In case you need to present something to your customers or to make a really profitable offer, this add-on "Free Product as Promotion" may help you.

Example: your client buys a baseball bat and you give them the opportunity to choose Backpack or case for this baseball bat for free as a present. It's some kind of feature "Buy X item and get Y item for free".

The store admin can define different testers, small cases, variety of packing as presents for the main product. 


The module costs USD 39

It's compatible with CS-Cart, MultiVendor, Ultimate (4 version).


More details about the add-on "Free Product as Promotion".


Best regards,



Date added: 11/06/2020 MultiVendor case - the first marketplace in Moldova

Dear Friends,

You are welcome to examine our new case in portfolio the first marketplace in Moldova - a1.md

Moldavian marketplace on CS-Cart

Our team built and tested the CS-Cart integrations with payment gateway PayNet.md and the delivery service NovaPoshta.

CS-Cart add-on NovaPoshta

PayNet add-on CS-Cart


More details


Best regards,




Date added: 04/06/2020 Meet new CS-Cart add-on - Product Page PDF

Dear CS-Cart Users,

A new print-out functionality has been added to CS-Cart platform. "Product Page PDF" module provides the customers with the ability to see the PDF version of the product webpage.

 By clickng the link, customers can directly view and download the PDF file where all product information is shown in a convenient way. 

CS-Cart Product Page in PDF

In case you have any questions, please contact us.


Best regards,


Date added: 22/05/2020 Second Options Set — CS-Cart modification

Dear Clients,

Our developers have made the new CS-Cart modification — Second Options Set.

"Second Options Set" modification provides the ability to sell contact lens, custom earrings, family t-shirt sets or any other products that are usually bought by pairs or sets but they have different variations or options. With this modification, the customer can add to cart two items with different variations at once from one product page.  

Groups of options on CS-Cart page

The modification displays product option set as a table with 3 columns:

  • Option name,
  • First options set,
  • Second options set on the product page in the storefront.

For example: The customer can select contact lens with a different base curve or power on one product page and add to cart two different types of contact lenses at once. 


Price of this modification: USD 120


More information is here.


Best regards,


Date added: 16/05/2020 New add-on "Facebook Share + Discount" for CS-Cart platform

Dear Friends,

We have released a new add-on "Facebook Share + Discount" for CS-Cart platform. This add-on gives the customer a discount for sharing product on their Facebook timeline. The add-on creates a special button on each product page for sharing product on facebook and get a discount.

share on facebook and get a discount cs-cart


Price is USD 29

It is compatible with CS-Cart 4. 


More information is on the add-on's detailed page. 


Best regards,


Date added: 28/04/2020 New study case — Londonearlab

Dear Friends,

We keep on building our collection of the CS-Cart projects in our portfolio.

About one of our new project in brief.

Londonearlab is a laboratory where clients can buy custom made in-ear products. These water/noise plugs, music monitors and hearing aid earmoulds are comfortable for every client ear as it produced due to the customer's anatomy. The online store is made on CS-Cart 4.10.2  

Alt-team was hired to modify the store locator page according to the example.


More details is here https://www.alt-team.com/index.php?dispatch=portfolio.view_project&project_id=115


Best regards,


Date added: 02/04/2020 New CS-Cart add-on Product Description Generation based on Features

Dear Friends,

You are welcome to purchase our new CS-Cart add-on "Product Description Generation based on Features".

There is a big problem for just-created online stores to make the unique text content for all pages, especially for product pages. For e-shops on CS-Cart platform, we have resolved this problem with the help of the new add-on that generates the product description due to the prepared before templates + product features. 

Insert features in the product description text

Look at the picture. The underlined words are the product features, that was inserted in the text automatically. The store admin make the text pattern beforehand in the CS-Cart admin panel. Look at one of the templates.

Product Description Auto Generation

There are hints for the store administrator how to use all these FEATURE_№ and what they are mean in the CS-Cart backend. 

Please, visit the add-on page and learn more deatils on this useful SEO product description generation.


In case you have any questions please contact us.

Date added: 27/03/2020 Excel Price List for Customers - New CS-Cart Modification

Dear Friends,

We want to inform you on our new CS-Cart modification - XLSX Price List for Customers.

Excel price list for customers - CS-Cart

This option is available only for authorized website visitors. 


The price of this modification is USD 300. 


Contact us to know more on this CS-Cart modification.


Best regards,




Date added: 19/03/2020 Saferpay JSON payment add-on for CS-Cart

Dear CS-Cart users, 

We have great news. New payment service is available for all CS-Cart owners — Saferpay JSON

Saferpay is a Payment Service Provider (PSP) that you can activate in your web store. With Saferpay you can easily accept online payments. When a visitor in your web store wants to make a purchase, he automatically comes to the Saferpay website and a payment choice can be made. Saferpay is intended for the German and Swiss market and offers a large number of payment methods.

A great variaty of payments in Saferpay for CS-Cart

Look at this great variaty of payments in Saferpay service. 


All detail information about the integration this payment gateway with CS-Cart platform contains here.


Best regards,