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Date added: 26/02/2021 Чаевые онлайн в интернет-магазине на CS-Cart


Недавно мы выпутили новый модуль для CS-Cart "Чаевые". Модуль добавляет отдельный блок для оплаты чаевых на странице оплаты заказа.

На странице оформления заказа публикуются варианты для оплаты чаевых (процентное соотношение чаевых со стоимостью заказа, своя сумма чаевых или вариант "Без чаевых"). 


3 варианта, где можно использовать онлайн чаевые:

  • Стандартный вариант оплаты чаевых на сайтах заказа еды, сервисах доставки.
  • Поддержка бизнеса. На фоне COVID-19 и масштабных локдаунов в разных странах мира потребовалась масштабная поддержка малого бизнеса. К сожалению, государственные институты не всегда оперативно поддерживают малый и средний бизнес, поэтому иногда приходится просить помощи у своих постоянных и лояльных клиентов. 
  • Благотворительность. Благотворительные некоммерческие организации "живут" благотворительными взносами и возможность их получать через сайт — это необходимость. 


С уважением,






Date added: 19/02/2021 Hire Tag Manager expert

Dear Friends,

We offer the new service: Dedicated Google Tag Manager consultant.


We specialized on:

  • Event tracking;
  • Ecommerce tracking;
  • Facebook Pixel Tracking;
  • Cross Domain Tracking.


The service "Dedicated Tag Manager Expert" costs $500. It includes 20 business hours of the Tag Mnager Consultant work (Rate is $25/hour).



Hire the Google Tag Manager Specialist for a complete GTM audit and tags deploying.


Date added: 19/01/2021 Klarna Payment add-on for CS-Cart

Dear Friends,

You are welcome to get more information about our new CS-Cart add-on — Klarna Payment


Klarna is famous for its slogan "Buy now, Pay Later". 

Swedish bank offers the retailers the payment scheme when the online stores customers get the products before they pay for it. 


Klarna is an app you can use to makes purchases without payment online at selected stores - you then pay for the goods later.

Your item will ship to you straight away and an email will be sent to you indicating when the payment is due.

You'll have 14-30 days (depending on the store) to decide whether you want to keep the item before being required to pay.

When payment is due, you log in to your account and use a debit card to settle your balance.


Date added: 22/12/2020 New Year Working Schedule

Dear Friends,


In connection with the New Year holidays (from January, 1st up to January, 10th) we are working in the following mode: 

We don't work between January 1-10 due to the New Year Holiday in Russia. 


Our first working day in 2021 is the 11th of January (Monday).



Thank you for being our customer, this New Year we wish you prosperity, good health, and luck. We look forward to serving you in the new year.



P.S. Visit our website on New Year holidays and get discounts on our CS-Cart add-ons. By the way, we are planning to make discount on our famour Product Designer module too. 


Best regards,


Date added: 14/12/2020 New Payment Method — Tinkoff: Secure Transactions

Dear Friends,

New Payment Method for CS-Cart is already available on our website — Tinkoff Payment.

Tinkoff Payment integration with CS-Cart

Tinkoff bank is a Russian commercial bank based in Moscow and founded by Oleg Tinkov. The bank does not have branches and is considered a neobank. As of 2016, Tinkoff Bank has a credit rating of B+ on the Fitch Ratings and B2 on the Moody's Rating, and is the second largest provider of credit cards in Russia. Tinkoff is the world's largest digital bank, as measured by number of customers.

We made a CS-Cart modification to integrate Tinkoff payment service into CS-Cart platform. The modification provides provides a secure transactions for different business areas: marketplaces, live streaming platforms, freelance websites.


If you need more information about this payment please contact us

Date added: 08/12/2020 One-page Website on Tilda | New Case in Portfolio

Dear Friends,


You are welcome to examine our new case in portfolio — Albeit.

This is a simple website based on Tilda website builder. We worked with Tilda as it's a very flexible system and it allows creating attractive and not expensive websites in a very short period. 

New case in portfolio - one-page website for the clothing manufacturer

It takes only one week to deliver the project. Our designer can create a website wireframe, webdesign and integrate it only for 7 days. 

More information about this case is here


Best regards,


Date added: 23/11/2020 Black Friday Sale — Only 3 Days!

Dear Friends, 


Black Friday deals season is coming. 

You have a chance to buy all our add-ons with the 30% discount during 3 days: November, 27-29. 

Choose any CS-Cart Payment method, Shipping labels add-on or  CS-Cart add-on .


Best regards,



Date added: 18/11/2020 New Case in Portfolio - Custom Made Cases store

Dear Friends,

High-quality package saves the product condition from any damages during the shipping process and it provides clients with the great service. Sometimes people use original cases with foam inserts to store item at home. For examples: special cases for drills or fishing lures. 

We want to present you our new case in portfolio - Custom Made Cases webstore. It's an interesting store on CS-Cart with the individual web design. We managed to convert the sketches into the CS-Cart code and to create excellent working theme. 

New case in Alt-team portfolio

If you have any questions about the price of design integration process please visit this page


Best regards,


Date added: 30/10/2020 Delivery Cost by Distance Add-on Upgrade

Dear Friends,


We have upgraded :arrow: the add-on Delivery Cost by Distance.

Now the add-on's owners can use Distance Matrix API service to calculate the distance between cities and towns. It's a bit cheaper than Google maps service and it has a popularity among some CS-Cart users. 


In case you have any questions please contact us


Best regards,


Date added: 23/10/2020 Advanced Video Manager — new CS-Cart add-on

Dear Friends,

You are welcome to purchase our new module for the CS-Cart system — Advanced Video Manager

Price — USD49

“Advanced Video Manager” add-on for CS-Cart allows customers to play video files in blocks on any website page or in a "Video" tab on product details page. Videos help customers to understand products or services better, and this way they can greatly enhance the online shopping experience.


Click here to get more details.


Best regards,