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Site news

Date added: 16/10/2014 Blog and Video Manager Add-ons Updated.

Welcome to our news page!

We have released the updates for our two popular add-ons:

  1. "Blog" - the tool that helps inform your website visitors about your news, ideas, promotions with the help of the Blog form. Please learn more about CS-Cart "Blog" add-on by clicking this link.
  2. "Video Manager" - very convenient tool that helps you not only upload video files on your online store, but also manage them. See more details here

If you have any questions about these add-ons please contact us via manager@alt-team.com

Best regards, Alt-team.


Date added: 01/10/2014 Product Designer HTML5+JS Released!!!

Our Dear Friends,

We are extremely happy to announce you about the Product Designer software based on HTML5+JS release.

E-Commerce Product Designer software is a universal tool for making custom products in your online shop by hands of customers. Online Product Designer by Alt-team is a feature-rich and powerful online solution for small business that is aimed on selling the custom t-shirts, hoodies, caps or business cards. In addition, it is not important what eCommerce platform you have. E-Commerce Product Designer software could be integrated with any shopping cart: CS-Cart, Magento, Prestashop, Shopify and even Joomla and WordPress. A short presentation about the Product Designer software is available here

Creating the Product Designer software, we have been thinking about our clients convenience. In the same time this tool is made for ease of your customers. Please watch the video tutorials and you’ll appreciate the benefits of Product Designer interface for you and your shoppers.

Moreover, we don’t intend to stop on the achieved stuff. We are going to improve our E-Commerce Product Designer. If you have any ideas about the Product Designer improvement, do not hesitate to type them on our UserVoice page.

We check this page often and the most popular ideas will be realized in the Product Designer upgrades.

To crown it all, the price is very flexible.

Alt-team company offers you 2 methods of the Product Designer using:

  1. Buying a licence. USD 1500

In case you buy a licence you get:

  • Alt-team E-Commerce Product Designer package;
  • Ability to download free updates during the first year;
  • All instructions for Product Designer installation and usage (text and video files).
  1. Buying a subscription. USD 75/month

This variant may be convenient for people who want to check the new software or people who have started this printing business recently or people who use SaaS eCommerce platforms, for example Shopify or Magento Go.

In the case you subscribe the Product Designer software you get:

  • The ability to connect your online shop with Product Designer software that is located on our cloud server;
  • Perfect work of the Product Designer Software (we guarantee to fix all bugs, if there will be bugs, in a possible short  time);
  • Always updated Product Designer software as we will first update the Product Designer software on the subscription basis, then we will make all updates packages available for the licence users;
  • As usual all instructions about the managing the Product Designer software will be available for the subscribers (text and video files).

Please remember that we tried to create a real cool and effective software for personalizing the products in online shop by its customers.

Any feedback is welcome.

Contact us via email manager@alt-team.com or via the contact form.



Best regards, Alt-team.


Date added: 23/09/2014 CS-Cart add-on "Multiple Deals Plus" updated!

You asked, we did!

Now the "Multiple Deals Plus" add-on is compatible with CS-Cart 4.2.2. 

Moreover, banners with countdown timer are available in the updated add-on.

Christmas sales are coming soon. This banner with countdown timer is a must-have thing during this period. Seeing the expired period of the discounts, the customers are forced to make a deal as soon as possible. 

The updated version of the CS-Cart add-on "Multiple Deals Plus" you may download here.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate, ask us.

Best regards, Alt-team.





Date added: 18/09/2014 New FREE add-on "Enabled All Reviews" released!

Dear Friends,

We have launched a new FREE Cs-Cart add-on "Enable All Reviews" some days ago. We really hope that this add-on makes your work with Cs-Cart Platform more convenient.

There is a problem with the reviews and comments to all products in Cs-Cart system. You have to pass though long and boring actions to enable the reviews to all the products if there are more than 100 positions in your e-store.

With the help of "Enable All Reviews" free add-on, you can avoid this complicated procedure. Managing with communication and rating option is easy and fast for administrator.  

Interested in this FREE Cs-Cart add-on, please, follow this link.

It is our aim to make your work with CS-Cart system and our company pleasant. That is why, if you have any questions or offers about "Enable All Reviews" add-on, do not hesitate to contact us.

We are always glad to receive your feedback.

Best regards, Alt-team.


Date added: 11/09/2014 New Free add-on - "Loyalty bonus" add-on is released!

Welcome to All Visitors,

We are keeping on our good tradition to add free Cs-Cart add-ons.

Today we are eager to offer you our "Loyalty bonus" add-on.

It has long been known that regular customers expect to get a reward from the merchant for their loyalty. Our new free add-on "Loyalty bonus" allows you to meet the clients' expectations. You may even set the progressive discounts with the help of "Loyalty bonus" add-on. It will be your small loyalty programme.

Learn more about free "Loyalty bonus" add-on for CS-Cart you may here.

If you have any questions about this module, feel free to ask them via skype. Just click on the icon below and write your message.

Best regards, Alt-team.

Date added: 05/09/2014 Cs-Cart "Banner's text " add-on released!

Hello Dear Friends and Clients,

It is common knowledge that the main banners are in the center of customers' attention. If the banner has a link, the client will follow it. We have created the fantastic add-on "Banner's text" that gives you an ability to add a title, a text and a button with url link to the main banners.

Your customers won't roam the e-store, you can direct them to the necessary pages with the help of "Banner's text" add-on.


As usual all useful information about "Banner's text" add-on (details, documentation and demo) you can find here

You are welcome to learn more about other add-ons by Alt-team at our site and CS-Cart marketplace!

Thank you!


Date added: 20/08/2014 The 3rd beta version of the Product Designer HTML5+JS released.

Dear Friends!

We'd like to show you the third beta version of our Product Designer HTML5+JS. Get the demo

Have been done:

  • price functionality;
  • ability to change the interline interval;
  • change the text adding way;
  • tooltips.

In progress:

  • ability to export design in .pdf and .jpg formats;
  • different small tasks.

The Product Designer HTML5+JS will be released in the middle of September.

Be aware that we are still waiting for your suggestions. Use this link to contact us.

Moreover, we have opened a page about Product Designer on UserVoice service. Please, visit this page and explain your ideas about the Product Designer improvement.

Thank you a lot for visiting our news page. We are going to keep you informed about all changes in the Product Designer HTML5+JS project. Please, stay tuned.

Best regards, Alt-team.


Date added: 10/07/2014 New Product Designer HTML5+JS 2beta version released!

Hello, Dear Clients and Guests,

The official date of Product Designer HTML5+JS release is the 1st of September.

Get the demo.

Please, note, that the Product Designer has been planning as a completely independent application for e-commerce platforms. It has no problem in upgrading. This Product Designer will be compatible with any e-commerce software with the help of a special add-on.

So, the most vivid advantages of the new Product Designer are:

  • completely new interface;
  • work on the iOS and Android devices;
  • no Flash is used, only contemporary technologies.

The main Product Designer's features, that have been made already:

  • Ability to add custom fonts for text layers
  • Free transformation functionality for text layers
  • Ability to set text direction
  • Brand new clipart library and font library in the admin panel
  • Ability to enter multiline text
  • Ability to adjust text due to left | center | right positions

Still in progress:

  • Getting ready design in PNG and PDF formats
  • Prices functionality

We will be glad if you see and try what we provide you with at the moment. Please, notice, the application is still under development and we continue to implement the promised features.

Thank you for visiting Alt-team.com and we look forward to working with you. Please, get in touch if you have any questions about Product Designer. We are always glad to help.

To learn more about presale price, do not hesitate to contact us.

Best regards, Alt-team


Date added: 09/07/2014 CS-Cart "Currency IP" add-on released!

Good day everyone!

We are excited to announce that the "Currency IP" add-on for CS-Cart 3.0* has been released. This add-on allows to change shop currency automatically according to visitor's IP. In addition, the customer could set up the default currency for a country or some countries, the visitors are supposed from, in case, several currencies are used in e-store.

Price: $39

Date added: 11/06/2014 Holiday notice! Office closed June 12 - June 15

Dear CS-Cart users!

We would like to let you know that our office will be closed from June 12 to June 15 in connection with National Holidays.

We will be back and continue working as usual on Monday, June 16.

We appreciate your patience during this time.

Thank you!