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cs-cart store: maternity
cs-cart store: maternitymamajoy gigienamamajoy kosmetikamamajoy goods for mama

MamaJoy — CS-Cart store for mothers

MamaJoy is a Russian store for mothers where they can buy all stuff connected to maternity: trollers, clothes, toys, and even home care products. 

We have been working on design integration for some weeks. Also, a modification "Different header background for different categories and pages" has been made.

This modification helps to customize the look and feel of the customer to the products that are located in a specific category. 




  • CS-Cart custom development
  • CS-Cart design integration
CS-Cart store for ayurvedic medicine
CS-Cart store for ayurvedic medicine

Shankara — Ayurveda shop

Italian shop of Ayurvedic medicine and yoga equipment decided to upgrade the CS-Cart store design. They choose our company for this job.

Alt-team's design integrator discussed the project with the client, checked the outstanding issues and started to work. The design integration job took more than 3 weeks as it has a quite complicated technical task and many corrections were made during the work process.

One of the main points of the project was to make a fully responsive store with lots of non-standard features.

Nevertheless, the project was finished successfully and met the deadline. The final result is completely congruent with client expectations. 




  • CS-Cart design integration
sample CS-Cart store
sample CS-Cart storecs-cart sling storecs-cart store for bagscs-cart sling shop

Ellevill - online shop of baby carriers and slings.

Ellevil.org is the biggest in Russia online store, where mothers can buy baby carriers, slings and clothes for this period of life. In 2009, they started to sell Norwegian designed products for babies made from naturals materials only. Then ellevill broadened the range of products and launched the sales with maternity underwear and lingerie. The number of store clients was raising so Ellevils contacted us to upgrade their CS-Cart website and to make some changes on base code. Our developer was working with this project for some weeks and there were SEO modifications, new features and fast optimized CS-Cart store on the recently released version in the final. 

So, the tasks what Alt-team completed:

  • * upgrade of Ellevill.org;
  • * 1C integration and the 50% pre-payment ability;
  • * web server optimization;
  • * server examination and delete 502 errors;
  • * increase the CS-Cart store performance;
  • * SEO-modifications;
  • * small modifications;
  • * block with random products.

Also, Ellevils owners have another CS-Cart stores: 

  • PetuniaBag dot ru
  • Diva-milano dot com
  • sling dot ru

Our CS-Cart developer worked on these websites too. We upgraded diva-milano shop, dedicated developer service on petuniabag and migrate sling dot ru to CS-Cart.


  • CS-Cart custom development
  • CS-Cart dedicated service
  • CS-Cart support
  • CS-Cart SEO optimization
cs-cart crop images
cs-cart crop imagescs-cart crop imagecs-cart option variant

How to sell wallpapers with CS-Cart store!?

Our team was hired to make it easy to sell wall murals or canvas prints.

First of all, we have added extra fields for width and length to a product page on the storefront. Now, a customer can enter the required size parametres and the cropping box will immediately appear on the product image. The customer can move it or resize. The selected part of the image can be added to cart with its own price. By the way, the price is changing automatically in process of resizing the product image.

Secondly, all cropped images are saved in order details in the backend. The administrator can change the sizes from the admin panel in case of necessity.

Also, our developer has added the visual system of option choice. It is the very demonstrative variant of choosing the materials.

Check all features of this modification.


  • CS-Cart custom development
concrete factory
concrete factory

Concrete Factory store

This client is famous as Fabrika Betonov. It is a production complex in East Siberia that produces concrete, foamed concrete blocks, autoclaved aerated concrete blocks and other products made from cement.

Concrete is a quite specific product. It's heavy and doesn't have small dimensions. Shipping turns to a great issue on an online store that sells building materials: concrete, cement, masonry.

Our CS-Cart specialists were hired to make a new, stylish, eye-catching and responsible design for their new store that would be appropriate to express the advantages in dealing with this factory.

One of the convenient features that our developers carried out is an online calculator of building materials that need to build a house, a fence or to plan the number of materials.

Shipping functional has been also modified to meet the demands on building materials transportation. As you know, it's a quite expensive service. Customers need an online calculator to get the shipping price at once. In addition, we have added the ability to calculate the cost of required shipping transport.



  • CS-Cart custom development
  • Individual design
  • CS-Cart design integration
hypermarket of light
hypermarket of lightregional seo promotionseo promotion due to region

HyperMarket of Light

Elightshop is a HyperMarket of light bulbs, lighting fixtures, pin-up lamps and other products. The business is growing rapidly, so the offices in different Russian cities have been opened (16 offices) and the issue of region promotion become critically acute. We offered our SEO CS-Cart module Store Cities. The addon has been installed in April 2018 on elightshop CS-Cart store. We noticed how site traffic has been changing due to 6 months.

So the results of growing site traffic:

  • March (without Store Cities module) - 1400 people a month ;
  • May (just installed the module) - 1 200 people a month ;
  • July (the module is working) - 2000 people a month  ;
  • August (still working module) - 2 200 people a month  .

The reason why the website traffic became less in May - new subdomains appeared and website positions weren't stable. But, this period passed and the store has more visitors now and the number of attendance is constantly growing. Store Cities module is the main instrument of SEO promotion for this website. Nothing except addon installation hasn't been made. 

The principle of store promotion, the add-on Store Cities adds regional subdomains and adapt website content to each region. For example, elightshop has 16 branches in Russian cities, like Moscow, Kazan, Samara, Ekaterinburg and etc. So their main domain is for the central office in Moscow. Other offices store are available with subdomains: samara.elightshop.ru or kazan.elightshop.ru 

When the customer from Samara visits their website, they see contact information for Samara city and all content indicates that this company has a business in Samara. 

So Google and Yandex (Russian search system) place this resource on top places due to regional queries. 



cs-cart unique design
cs-cart unique designcscart pagecscart homepage

High Visibility Clothing

Hivis.co.uk is a company that offers custom printed and embroidered high visibility (HV) clothing such as jackets, safety vests, coats, trousers and other stuff. 

Our designer was hired to create a new logo design for CS-Cart store and to remake the design due to the main thing — online Product Designer tool. This tool allows customers to create custom logo design on products in the CS-Cart store.

  • CS-Cart custom development
  • Individual design
  • CS-Cart design integration
  • Logo design
открытый доступ
открытый доступ

CS-Cart theme, responsive design

One of our loyal customers is an owner of history.jes.su website. This is the online resource where articles and essays on history are regularly published. 

Some years ago we have already described this case in our portfolio.

That time we worked under functional part of the store. Now, we were hired to make a responsive design and integrate it taking into consideration complex CS-Cart modifications. 

The responsive design is known as important part of a successful web resource that is aimed to be on the top of SERPs. It's some kind of design for any size devices, but it's an up-to-date thing. The responsive theme for CS-Cart makes your store mobile-friendly.

First of all, our designer spent a few time to found out the important client's demands of the final result. The customer was interviewed and a list of notes was made. Then the designer started the project.

The task was completed on time and all mockups were passed to the design integrator for the further step of the project. Design Integration service is also our part of work. And it is in process at the moment.

All project time is more than 4 months.

  • Individual design
  • CS-Cart design integration