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My case builder homepage
My case builder homepage

Webstore of Custom Made Cases

A high-quality packing plays a significant role in online trade. It's supposed that the purchased items will be delivered to the buyer in the ideal condition otherwise the customer can refuse from the order and demand the refund.

The manufactures develop not only safety and convenient wrapping or packing for their products, but the cases and boxes that can surprise the customer when they open the postal box. Pay attention how popular the unboxing video on Youtube!

On Instagram, #unboxing has been used 1.3 million times. So it’s clear that opening packages is an experience often savored by many consumers and, for businesses, it provides a great opportunity to build brand awareness.

Alt-team managed to work with the online store Mycasebuilder. This webstore offers a custom made cases with the foam that fits the products. The custom foam inserts are put into the metal or plastic box and associated with the luxury stuff. 

The website is based on CS-Cart 4.7.1.SP2

Our design integrator was succeed to complete the design integration flawlessly withing 3 weeks. All process was according to the given design.

  • CS-Cart design integration
Baloon store - CS-Cart case made by Alt-team
Baloon store - CS-Cart case made by Alt-teamHome Page CS-Cart projectCheckout Page on Cs-Cart projectProduct Page Cs-Cart project Alt-team caseCategory Page CS-Cart caseMenu on Cs-Cart store

Balloon store

Capitansharik offers a professionally arranged balloon decorating service that people often buy for the kid's birthday, weddings or for the special events.

A website is a first impression of the company for the online customers, Alt-team specialists focused on a website design. Our work with this project started with the small web design issues fixing. Then we were hired for more serious tasks. Our design integrator was busy with creating several pages on this website: category, product pages and the checkout page. 

At the moment our design integrator is working on designing the webpage header on mobile devices. Mobile traffic sets up a great percent of website users thus the responsive CS-Cart theme is a vital issue for eCommerce business. 


Albeit — website for the clothing manufacture
Albeit — website for the clothing manufacture

Albeit — website for the clothing manufacturer

Alt-team specialist designed a one-page website for clothing manufacturer — Albeit.

Usually our clients ask us to create online store on the CS-Cart base. But this time the customer needs fast and single-page website to receive orders. We offered to use Tilda platform

Why did we create website on Tilda? Tilda is a very flexible system and you can quickly create a website on this system. It takes only 1 week: from the technical  specification approval to the project delivery to the client. 

Our designer managed to create the wireframe of the one-page website, show it to the customer, then made the web design due to this wireframe and completed the design integration to the Tilda website for the 7 days. And it didn't cost a fortune. One of the main purpose of the customer was to get a good-looking and not expensive tool to gather customer's order. 

  • Individual design

Td-modex — online fabric shop

TD-modex store is a khitted fabric web shop. The online store was made on the CS-Cart shopping cart.

Two our specislists were assigned to this project: the design integrator and the backend developer. 

  • ✔️ We adjusted the checkout settings and the settings of the legal entities and individuals with the address for who's paying.
  • ✔️ The design integrator upgraded the store from UniTheme to UniTheme2.
  • ✔️ The CS-Cart developer added the CS-Cart modification "Buy a bolt of fabric".


  • CS-Cart custom development
  • CS-Cart design integration
  • CS-Cart support
CS-Cart integration with TradeSoft system

TradeSoft Integration

We had a client with the CS-Cart store - partsoko.ru. The store is about to be alive. But we want to tell you some words about the tasks we completed here right now.

The most interesting thing in this project is the integration between Cs-Cart store and TradeSoft system (tradesoft.ru).

TradeSoft is a Russian service for auto business owners. TradeSoft creates and supports software for the trade in parts for cars, trucks, trailers, and other vehicles.

Roughly half of all passenger cars in Russia are more than 10 years old. That's why the value of the Russian auto parts market is huge. The largest segments are tires (11,4% share), suspension parts (11,3%), oil (8,5%), filters (6,1%) and breaking systems (5,4%).

Internet stores make up roughly 10% of all auto parts sales. The share of online sales of auto parts is expected to grow fueled by mass-market consumers hunting for best prices and a general increase of e-commerce penetration in Russia. So the good-quality software is essential for auto parts online stores. 


  • CS-Cart custom development
CS-Cart case: Workware store

Workwear and Safetywear store

Voin.shop is a Russian store where customers can buy workwear, boots and accessories.


Our team was hired to:

  • * upgrade the store, make it more modern;
  • * create the page's header that is responsible on desktops and mobile devices;
  • * website support.
  • CS-Cart custom development
  • CS-Cart support
CS-Cart case: wholesale company
CS-Cart case: wholesale companyPricelist contentCategory page Price listCS-Cart case webdesign

Arti-m — a wholesale company

Arti-m is a Russian website where the wholesale customers can buy kitchenware and cutlery.

Arti-m owner engaged with Alt-team to fix the errors in the work of the previous developers and to build the CS-Cart modifications they need. 

Our company was working with this website for some months. Most of the tasks were made within the service Dedicated Developer

Pay attnetion to the latest modification XLSX Pricelist for Customers. Our developer added this modification to the Arti-m website and the customers have an ability to download the price-list in xlsx format from the catalog page of the web store.

  • CS-Cart custom development
  • CS-Cart dedicated service
Romanian marketplace on CS-Cart MultiVendor
Romanian marketplace on CS-Cart MultiVendor

Romanian marketplace — haineieftinesibune.ro

Our clients started to launch marketplaces more often than it was 2 or 3 years ago. It's an interesting tendency and we really love to work with big CS-Cart MultiVendor projects. 

This time our best-in-class CS-Cart developers were employed for the work under Romanian marketplace — haineieftinesibune.ro It's a developing marketplace where the Romanians can buy clothes, shoes, accessories. They aimed to widen the shop's product range. And we see that the marketplace owner succeed in this. 

Our task was to add some shipping labels: GLS, UrgentCargus and DPD. These shipping systems are popular in Romania and many sellers use it. Usually, only store administrators can generate shipping labels, but we made it possible for vendors too. Now the vendors can generate the shipping labels by themselves. 

The project duration was around 1 month and we completed this project successfully. 

At the moment GLS shipping label modification is available for purchasing. 


  • CS-Cart custom development
  • MultiVendor Cases