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CS-Cart modification of the store locator page
CS-Cart modification of the store locator page

Londonearlab - store of custom in-ear products

Londonearlab is a laboratory where clients can buy custom made in-ear products. These water/noise plugs, music monitors and hearing aid earmoulds are comfortable for every client ear as it produced due to the customer's anatomy. The online store is made on CS-Cart 4.10.2

Our team was hired to modify the store locator page. The developer made two custom fields: one field is for entering the address or postcode, another is Radius select box (in miles). There is a search button near these fields. This modification has Google Maps Autocomplete function.

On the first visit of the page, none of the stores will be displayed.

After the click to the search button, the nearest points to the address will be highlighted (within the radius). Also, the list of stores will be updated and will show only the nearest points.

The modification is fully responsible, all the changes work on any mobile devices.

  • CS-Cart custom development

Aliyarn — yarn store on CS-Cart

Alt-team's specialists made some changes on theme design and to make the add-on "Delivery by Russian Post". It's a famous russian delivery service. 

We add a special settings in the existing CS-Cart add-on. The following fields for the API access were added: token authentication and key identity.

We added a special tab "Delivery by Russian Post" on the checkout page. The customer can choose this tab and get the fields for postcode, address, telephone number, name. This data are essential for the delivery service. In case of failed request the information from the the delivery service is displayed on the tab. In case of succesful order placing, The data on the order information is shown on the tab. There is an ability to print it. 



  • CS-Cart custom development
  • CS-Cart design integration
car accessories online store

МИМ service integration (for Russian market)

Autostore24 is a car accessories online store on the Russian market.

Our task was to make the CS-Cart integration with one russian service МИМ сервис.

This service is a special application for online store work optimization for the clients of the company Север-Авто-М.

МИМ users get the online access to the company's stock. The users can make an order by their own. This service is available for citizens of: Moscow, Saint Peterburg, Rostov-on-Don, Nizhny Novgorod, Voronezh, Nobosibirsk, Ufa, Samara, Tolyatti, Perm, Kaluga.

cs-cart theme
cs-cart themecs-cart cataloguecs-cart catalogue listcs-cart product pagecs-cart filterscs-cart blog mockupcscart blog mockupcs-cart responsive theme for tabletscs-cart responsive theme for mobile devices

Osram Responsive Web Design Case

Osram is a worldwide technology leader in automotive lighting. They have a business in Russia and Alt-team specialists were hired to create the splendid, remarkable and responsive web design for their new Russian website on CS-Cart platform. 

First of all, the designer held a poll of clients to see what they expect to get in results mock-ups: preferable colours, scheme, blocks, and etc. The designer has already been under instruction to save the original orange colour of style like on the international Osram website and adapt it to Unitheme design. The mockups creation took around 3 weeks and when the client has approved the result, CS-Cart design integrator started his part of work. 

The design integration process hasn't finished yet, but we are ready to show you the mockups that our designer made. 

It's fully responsible and the mockups met all demands of the customer. 

  • Individual design
  • CS-Cart design integration
cs-cart rugs and fabric store
cs-cart rugs and fabric storecontact page cs-cartproduct page for cs-cart storeabout company page cs-cart

Ecommerce store for Buying Antique Rugs

About the client

The client owns the offline retail shop for the sale of Antique Rugs in Texas, Dallas and a website on CS-Cart system.

Business Changes

With offline presence, enhancing the rug store presence to the next level was inconceivable and it was a great challenge to make virtual customers better understand and get a feel of the high assortment of the rugs from the first page. The task was to upgrade the website and create new, responsive and awesome webdesign for online store based on CS-Cart.


We had a detailed chat with the client before the work start. We discovered what the client expected to see in the final. Then our specialists began the project and at the appointed time the project was delivered to the client for the testing.


Our designer created the mock-ups for 7 pages of the webstore: homepage, catalogue page, product page, cart page, checkout page, contact us, about us. Moreover, the CS-Cart upgrade and design integration service were performed. 

  • Individual design
  • CS-Cart design integration
web functionality for disabled people
web functionality for disabled people

Werky shop on CS-Cart

Werky is a german shop that sells handmade products made by physically challenged people. Great social project!

Our developer integrated the design mockups, provided by the client. It was the ordinary task for our design integrator as he made this work every week. 

The most interesting thing of this project was to adapt the CS-Cart store for blind/visually impaired visitors. People with visual disabilities are individuals who are blind, have low vision, or have colour blindness.

  • * People who are blind need audio equivalents for text and image content.
  • * Those who have low vision need the assistance of a hardware or software magnifier to enlarge the text beyond simple font enlargement.
  • * People who are colour blind or who have low vision benefit from good contrasting colours.When information is presented by colour alone, a person who is colour blind misses that information.

disability-friendly website

The developer managed to combine all requirements for making websites disability-friendly. 



  • CS-Cart design integration
  • MultiVendor Cases
400coups.ch CS-Cart case

Online store of games for entertainment - 400coups.ch

Two Alt-team developers were working with this CS-Cart online store for several months in 2019. 

400coups.ch is Swiss online store where the customers can buy games for the entertainment (board games, computer games and etc.).

The client hired our team to make his website on CS-Cart faster. First of all, we checked the server settings. The result was bad. Our developer who is responsible for the server configuration found out that there were some things he can change. These changes increased the website performance. 

In addition, some extra CS-Cart add-ons were designed for this online store. One of them is new payment method SaferPay JSON.



  • CS-Cart custom development
cs-cart crop images
cs-cart crop imagescs-cart crop imagecs-cart option variant

How to sell wallpapers with CS-Cart store!?

Our team was hired to make it easy to sell wall murals or canvas prints.

First of all, we have added extra fields for width and length to a product page on the storefront. Now, a customer can enter the required size parametres and the cropping box will immediately appear on the product image. The customer can move it or resize. The selected part of the image can be added to cart with its own price. By the way, the price is changing automatically in process of resizing the product image.

Secondly, all cropped images are saved in order details in the backend. The administrator can change the sizes from the admin panel in case of necessity.

Also, our developer has added the visual system of option choice. It is the very demonstrative variant of choosing the materials.

Check all features of this modification.


  • CS-Cart custom development