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Product designer. Fonts and font categories


What font files can I use?

It is necessary to add fonts so that a customer could change text font while personalizing a product. Fonts must be in .swf file format. There are lots of available free .ttf fonts in the Internet. To create .swf fonts from .ttf files you can use the following services:


How to create a font category?

You can create font categories for your comfort. For example, you may offer different products for personalization - t-shirts and business cards. For business cards you may wish your customers to use only standart fonts - Arial, Tahoma, Times New Roman, etc, so you can create a category for such fonts and make these fonts available for personalization of business cards. For t-shirts, for example, you can create a category with both standard and artistic fonts.

To create categories for fonts, log in to the admin panel and go to Content -> Product Designer -> Font categories (http://demo.alt-team.com/admin.php?dispatch=product_designer.font_categories).

Click "Add Font Category" button and fill out the necessary fields:

Add font category


Name - The name of your font category.

Position - The order of displaying (position of the font category relatively to the position of the other font categories).

Status - Active - font category will be available to work with; Disabled - unavailable to work with.

Press Create button to create a font category.


How to add a font?

To add fonts, in the admin panel go to Content -> Product Designer -> Fonts (http://demo.alt-team.com/admin.php?dispatch=product_designer.fonts).

Click "Add font" button to add a font. Fill out the necessary fields:

Add new font

NameThe name of the font you are creating.

Font categories - Your created font categories will be displayed here. Tick font categories checkboxes to which you would like to assign this font.

Status - Active - the font will be visible to users; Disabled - the font will not be visible.

Position - The order of displaying.

Font - Upload a font file .swf here.

Preview image -  If you wish, upload an image here which shows how the font looks like. 

Press Create button to create the font.


Where can I set up a font category for a certain product?

If you have already created a product for personalization, you can set up a font category for this product. You will be able to set up a font category in Product designer tools display panel.

You can see Product designer tools display panel in the Admin area on editting product page -> "Product designer" tab. See below how Product designer tools panel looks like:

Product designer tools display panel

Font - from the drop down list you can choose one of your created font categories. Fonts from a chosen category will be available for you/customers to choose from for text editing.

Choose a font category