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Product Designer module — solution for your print services store

January 28th, 2019

Small print shops typically provide one or more services including photocopying, offset printing, screen printing or digital printing, offering diverse product lines such as personal and commercial paper printing, T-shirts and other wearables, signage, posters, and promotional goods.

Many people say that printing business is one of the most simple and fast payback projects. There is a reasonable point of view. It's not a secret that to start the printing business you shouldn't pay a fortune for the printing equipment. There are a lot of cheap and good in quality machines. Also, you may launch the online shop to gather clients quotes for printing all over the world and send the printed products by delivery services.


You might have already heard about different online Product Designer modules that make business life easier.

We have gathered some pictures of product designer software to show you what it is and how it looks like.

Variant 1.


Variant 2.


Variant 3.


Variant 4.


Examined the design of all existing solutions for online stores that offer to print custom design on their products, you may notice that all features are complicated and clients should spend lots of time to puzzle out how to make design and purchase the product. Moreover, most of them are loaded in a special pop-up block that connected with the main product page but not fully integrated on it. In this case, the website visitor waits for the page loading than they wait for the pop-up-block loading. If the clients are short in time for purchasing (this is a common situation), they close the website and move to another online store that is more user-friendly and fast in loading.


Alt-team company being aware of these issues and problems created a very fast in loading Product Designer module that functional is loading simultaneously with the product page. 


Let's check the functional of Product Designer module for CS-Cart stores.

Look at the product page on the online store where the Product Designer is installed!

product designer module



So, you, as administrator, upload the product photos into the product page in the admin panel and make all necessary settings.

Product Designer software

For example, you offer t-shirt printing service and your audience are internet users. So, they can go to your website, add any text on the picture of a t-shirt? add some clipart images or upload their own photo on the storefront and add this product (t-shirt + custom design? made by client? on it) to cart. On checkout, they make an order and waiting for your step.

When the order is placed, you will see the order details in the admin panels. Also, you have the custom design, created by the client. You have this image in .png and .svg formats so you can send it to printer equipment without any problems. You can even edit this design if the customer asks about it later.

Printing software


t-shirt designer module

The online Product Designer tool is a very useful module on print services online store.

Pay attention, the online store is your way to offer your services to clients. With the help of the website, you can find more customers or lose them. Why customers can leave the store without making a purchase? The answer is simple, you have inconvenient product page or checkout.

Build a convenient source of sale with CS-Cart and HTML5 Product Designer software made by Alt-team and solve the client's problem!

If you have any questions about Alt-team Product Designer module, please, contact us at manager@alt-team.com or in Skype — altteam.