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The printable image and order details page features.


Where can I view orders?

All information about the product your customer bought is located in Orders -> View orders in the CS-Cart admin panel. Click "View" next to the order and the order details page will be opened. On order details page in the  "General" tab, you can find a customer's billing and shipping address and information. Also, you can see the description of all design elements of the ordered product. Click "HTML5 Product Designer" tab to get all necessary information for printing.


How can I get a printable image?

After clicking "HTML5 Product Designer" tab on the order details page, you will get the page with the description of all design elements, the image/images of the ordered product and buttons to generate .png and .svf images. Also, previews of all product sides are shown below the product image. Please, pay attention to the arrows on the screenshot:

1. Click "Generate print image" button to download .png image for printing.

3. Click "Get SVG file" button to download .svg image for printing. 


What image format will I get for printing?

Be attentive, the image for printing can be represented in .png and .svg formats and involves only the design elements without a product side image. The size of the printable image depends on your "Ratio" parameter (how many millimeters or inches you have specified per one pixel).

Note! If your customer uploaded an image of low resolution while creating a design, such image will have a low quality for printing.


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This instruction refers to our CS-Cart module Product Designer maker.

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