“Sale” Your own icon for products under promotion

This CS-Cart modification adds an icon with text “Sale” over a product thumbnail. It works for products included in a certain promotion and, thus, it is a good way to highlight the promoted products.


  • “Sale icon” checkbox on editing promotion page.
  • “Sale” icon is applied to the products which are included in the promotion with enabled “Sale icon”.
  • "Sale" icon disappears when the promotion ends.

Please note! We do not sell this modification as a ready-to-use add-on. This modification was developed for a particular online store that is why it requires individual adjustment. 

Contact us if you are interested in such a modification. It will be priced cheaper than initially.

This modification will work for different types of promotions. You can create your own icons for example "10% off", "Free", "Super offer", etc., for an extra charge we will make necessary code changes to apply different icons to products depending on your promotion.


Pay attention to our ready-to-use modules for CS-Cart software.




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